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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ashton Kutcher and Jack Black attempt to ignore Lakers cheerleaders… and fail miserably


Ashton Kutcher and Jack Black attempt to ignore Lakers cheerleaders… and fail miserably
Last month he couldn’t keep his eyes off of them, but yesterday Ashton Kutcher tried to feign disinterest in the Lakers cheerleaders.The 34-year-old actor was enjoying yet another Los Angeles Lakers basketball game and tried his best to concentrate on the sport.But he wasn’t the only famous face who appeared to find this difficult, as he was joined by funnyman actor Jack Black who also kept his eyes of the scantily-clad womenAs the two of them sat one seat apart, they tried their best to amuse themselves as the pretty brunette performed her routine right in front of them.The Butterfly Effect star, who was wearing a black and grey striped shirt with blue jeans, sat with his legs crossed and later his arms, as he eagerly awaited the return of the basketball players.Meanwhile, Jack pulled a moody face and even glanced up at the ceiling in an attempt to focus on something else.The School Of Rock star was no doubt trying to avoid an argument with his wife of six years Tanya Haden, who may not have been pleased to see him staring at the women.But Ashton, on the other hand, is said to be single following his split from wife Demi Moore late last year, so there’s no reason why he cannot gaze at the cheerleaders.Eventually, boredom got to the two men and they were spotted enjoying a game of thumb war across their male companion.Jack – who also wore jeans and a black T-shirt – pulled some rather funny faces as he tried his best to win the hand game.The pair were later seen engaged in a serious conversation before watching the rest of the basketball.Ashton failed to raise a smile as he arrived at the Staples Center earlier that night on his own.Perhaps he was still feeling sheepish following the over-the-top outfit he wore to the Academy of Country Music Awards on Monday night./dailymail


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